CDBG Funding Possibilities:

Along with our guidance, CDBG helps economically-distressed and low income areas receive necessary funding for rural water/sewer projects where the need is most severe. 

To make this clear, this organization only provides grants to communities that are on a low-to-moderate income level.  If your community is in the center of Charleston, Columbia, Florence, etc., then this is not for you, but we can still help secure funding elsewhere.  

This grant is a little complex.  They have several guidelines they follow to choose the correct projects to fund for the year. These include, low income, rural areas, and they have a guideline sheet on how the project must be detailed and how much it should benefit the community. 

However, as with all other funders, we create the design and submit the applications after your approval.  They will fund sewer, stormwater, and drinking water projects. 

Overall, if you are in a rural area where the income is low, and you are in need of repair or new construction, we would love to apply to this funder for you.

Next Step: Contact us so we can answer any questions personally in relation to your project needs and funding requirements. 

You can also check out the town official's role in the entire process on the Municipal Resources page.

 Don't wait until your system encounters a failure.  It happens more than you would like to think, and the fix is a lot more expensive and time consuming than a proactive start is.

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