R.I.A. Funding Possibilities

We work with R.I.A. to provide funding for repair and rehabilitation solutions for water and sewer lines in communities where the need is severe.  

This grant equals out to $500,000 and is only available for South Carolina projects. Working with RIA is recommended for rehabilitation projects, and it can be pared with other funds when needed. 

The RIA chooses their applicants based on need, economic development, most efficient project (for the cost), and based on how many people the project will affect. 

The typical application deadline runs from the fall to the spring.  Applicants are chosen in the summer. 

The best news is that we will take care of the application and design for you, let you okay the report, and send it off. If we don't secure the funding for you, we do not charge for the application time. 

Contact us to ask questions and/or talk to us about your project needs!


Check out our town official's page with timelines, their roles, our process, and more by clicking here!

To learn more about other potential funders like USDA, CDBG, or SRF, just click!

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