Stormwater Systems:

Flooding, flooding, and more flooding... This seems to be what most commonly brings attention to the need for updated stormwater systems to a community.  

Back when all the cities and towns around the southern states were built, there were no regulations for the treatment of stormwater or the implementation of runoff ponds and water bodies to allow the overflow to run towards. 

So now, we face constant flooding due to more and more land being turned into industrial sites and removing areas where flood waters can recede into.  This means that we need up-to-date infrastructure designs that include ponds, lakes, or connectors that flow into bodies of water that will allow excess rain to be removed from the streets.

When this rain is not removed and it begins to flood over sewer systems, often times infiltration occurs, and sewage is brought up to the ground. This leads to more issues outside of the city infrastructure.  Now people can get sick or infected due to the contaminants being brought into their yard. 

Adding on to that, many towns will pay tremendously high sewer bills due to the high amount of rain water being mixed in with the sewage water that is being taken to be cleaned and decontaminated.

Now, say that your community does have proper run-off bodies of water, but you still experience flooding. Our bet would be, that like most towns, there is little/no maintenance being done for the system.  If the drainage systems are not cleaned and cleared for smooth water run-off, then how can we not expect flooding?

That is where we come in.  We can review the system and decide what actions are needed to decrease your town's flood chances and sewer bills.  With our southern track record for fall storms, it would be smart to be proactive with the situation.

We can help design a solution, let you okay it, and then we apply for the funding.  You don't have to bother with it because we understand what they want to hear. For a project like this, and if you are in South Carolina, we would start with RIA.

If you are out of state, we can work with USDA to secure the funding needed.

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