Large loans for sewer, stormwater, and drinking water projects

USDA Funding:

When working with USDA, we are able to provide the necessary funding for a wide range of rural water and sewer projects.  Multiple projects of any size can be completed with USDA. 

There are several requirements to be met to ensure that your town or community can receive funds from USDA. They cap the population size for eligibility at 10,000 people.


With several applications and deadlines, it is important to note that USDA prioritizes funds on a greatest need first outlook.  With that being said, we must detail, design, and establish credibility with every project submitted to ensure that we can edge out competing projects and secure funding quickly.  

Projects take long enough without unwanted delays due to an inadequately detailed water or sewer system design. Want the good news? We handle this entire process.  We know what the funders want to see in a project and how to make sure each design is up to their standards and describes the town's major needs.


When funds are granted, most commonly they are to be used for the construction phases of the project.  In some cases, extra funds are allotted for legal and other costly endeavors involved with the project. These funds are mostly distributed in loan form with a payback period of up to 40 years.   

Next Step: Contact us with any and all questions when it comes to funding. We will quickly get back to you with what you need to know and quickly start hashing out funding possibilities. 

To view the entire process for town officials, check out our Municipal Resources Page.

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