We are already a trillion dollars behind in repairs, and with 240,000+ water main breaks a year, there is a high chance that your community could add to the number. 

Water Systems

As stated above, we are in need of major infrastructure repairs. Water main breaks are increasingly common, and this is what causes contaminants to enter the pipes and flow into households. When lead and bacteria enter a household, a major outcry arises in the community.  Understandably, people do not like to drink lead or get sick due to the water in their own house. 

With nearly 3/4 of Americans using community water systems, the risk of a broken pipe usually leads to several users facing complete water loss, contaminated water, and/or sickness. 


The pipes commonly found under the roads of small southern towns are old.  They are outdated and made out of materials that have the chance to aid in lead contamination, erosion, and breaks.

These are issues we deal with on a regular basis, and we can walk you through solutions to each one.  We also can create designs and apply for funding for you, so you don't have to worry about how to impress the funding agencies.

Learn more about USDA, the largest and most common funder, by clicking here.

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