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Our Vision For America

Throughout America, and primarily in rural communities, aging infrastructure causes more issues and will soon lead to major financial problems.  For anyone who uses America's water related infrastructure, we want to ensure the aging systems we use are replaced, repaired, and watched over to provide quality of life for all citizens rural, urban, and nationwide.


Together, we can be proactive rather than reactive. 

The Problems Facing our 


Ready to Discover Your Solution?

Throughout the pages, we go over the common issues facing infrastructure, funding options with comparisons, and project maps to help guide you through the process of an entire project.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that arise while reading through our provided content. 

Eastern Engineering completed the contractual agreements to begin work on the biggest water project of the year in SC.


-120+ miles

-1/4 of Williamsburg

July of 2019

We are wrapping up the $4 million St. Lawrence project.

-32 miles

-Southern Williamsburg

May of 2019

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