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Our Vision For America

Throughout America, and primarily in rural communities, aging utility infrastructure is failing, which leads to both public health and financial issues. At Eastern Engineering, our goal is to ensure rural communities have access to water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure to provide a better quality of life for all citizens. We work with communities to replace, repair, expand, and operate their infrastructure to accomplish this goal.


Together, we can be proactive rather than reactive. 

Eastern Engineering Surveying and Design

Proven Design and Funding Solutions for Rural Utility Infrastructure

Ready to Discover Your Solution?

More often than not, common issues with utility infrastructure are overlooked due to the complexity of these issues and not knowing where to start. At Eastern Engineering, we pride ourselves in guiding our clients throughout the entire process. This includes identifying problems, obtaining funding, designing solutions, and ensuring quality construction.

Start by assessing the issues your town is facing. 

Water System Services (Design and Funding)

Water Systems

  • Existing water system failure

  • Domestic pressure and flow deficiencies 

  • Existing water systems lacking adequate flow for hydrants

  • Need to expand existing water system to serve more of the community

  • No community water system/lack of service 

Wastewater services (Design and Funding)

Wastewater Systems

  • Existing sanitary sewer system failures

  • Infiltration and inflow problems

  • No community sanitary sewer system to serve the community

  • Need to expand the existing sanitary sewer system to serve more of the community 

Stormwater System Services (Design and Funding)

Stormwater Systems

  • Over-development causing changes in runoff patterns

  • Storm drain pipes and inlet blockages

  • Lack of stormwater infrastructure

  • Erosion

  • Infiltration

Eastern Engineering

News and Updates

Construction has begun for the Trio Water Project:

- 60 miles of water line

- 154 fire hydrants

- 281 service connections

- $10,233,908

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Construction to begin soon for the Mouzon Water Project:

- 4.8 miles of water line

- 17 fire hydrants

- 47 services

- $3,148,899

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