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Common issues such as flooding and high water/sewer bills for a town are just two of many possible issues caused by aging utility systems. Whether it is water, wastewater, or stormwater related, meeting regulatory requirements and providing adequate attention to maintain these systems is commonly overlooked. Long term effects of not addressing common issues often include significant system problems which can lead to public health risk and financial burdens.

Eastern Engineering commonly works with towns to expand current water/sewer infrastructure systems or even design completely new systems for areas that have no access to a community utility. An expansion job is a great way to add a pre-developed area for new businesses to come, or this can be used to strictly provide services to a residential area currently using wells and septic tanks. 

With over 70 years of combined experience between our engineers, we have provided solutions to these issues and needs through our innovative design techniques and our full-service project management approach. Our projects are successful because we follow the project's development from the preliminary planning stages to the final completion report for construction. This allows our team to ensure that projects are completed on time so that communities do not take on additional costs due to issues/delays.

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