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Issues like flooding and high water/sewer bills are just two on the list of many possible issues caused by older water systems. Whether it is water, sewer, or stormwater related, being up to code and providing adequate attention to maintain these systems is commonly missed by small towns. The price to pay for this is usually significant in terms of money and the overall happiness of the community. 

There are more than enough problems with America's water infrastructure right now.  In fact, the ASCE states that the government needs to spend nearly $4 trillion on the aging pipes under our feet by the end of 2020 alone.  There are more than 200,000 water main breaks in the U.S. every year. Every single time one breaks, the price to be paid goes up. Many of these breaks take place in rural towns.  

The problem is that we are being reactive rather than proactive.  We need to start replacing old and outdated pipe now. These old pipes can lead to health issues as they often break, erode, and carry harmful illness-causing chemicals and bacteria. What if the chances are that your town is ingesting these chemicals as you read this? It is common. Learn more about the issues and solutions for our water systems on our drinking water solutions page by clicking here.

To make things worse, stormwater drains are not built up to standard and that is the reason certain areas are prone to flooding.  After the past few years bringing large floods to the south, it should be a priority that these systems are redesigned and brought up to code. Any proper water/stormwater system should have a body of water close by. We design those with all projects we create.  If not, a common issue is a high priced sewer bill after every rain. Does that sound familiar? To learn more about stormwater systems specifically, click  here to go to our stormwater solutions page.


Now on to the sewage systems... To start, the ASCE estimates that almost 1,000 gallons of untreated wastewater is released into waterways every year. Actually, right now we have worked on more sewer projects than any others due to the pipes not being large enough to keep up with the current population.  This leads to back-ups, breaks, and finally, costs...  Sewer backups, and the need for rehabilitation of treatment plants, are very common right now.  Learn more about sewer issues and solutions by clicking here to go to our page. 

We work with well known federal funding agencies and top tier construction companies to provide the best solution for the problem.  Being a complete engineering firm, we oversee the entire operation and can ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly.


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