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Eastern Engineering Water System Design Services, Water System Expansion, Water System Rehab, and Water System Funding

Our Water System Services Include:

  • Water Storage Tank Design

  • Water Distribution Well Design

  • Water Distribution System Design

  • Chemical Feed Systems

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Construction Inspections

  • Water Treatment System Design

  • Hydraulic Studies

  • Water Modeling

  • Water Rate Studies 

  • Cost Estimates

  • Regulatory Permitting

Water System Issues...

One of Eastern Engineering's main goals is to ensure that everyone in America has access to a community water system. It is often overlooked, but the fact is that several Americans, in rural areas especially, do not have access to a community water system. Typically, these people will use a well. The issues with that are the maintenance and the unpredictability of the well.  The cost to repair and replace a well is on the individual owner. If it isn't a repair issue, it may be a contamination issue, or it can be an issue with the well running dry. 


For those tied into community systems, many are outdated. Another issue would be water main breaks, and this is what causes contaminants to enter the pipes and flow into households. When lead and bacteria enter a household, a major outcry arises in the community. Understandably, people do not like to ingest lead or get sick due to the water in their own house. In the end, the systems built several decades ago were not made to meet the standards of today's communities, so many areas are in need of a new water system all together. 

If these above issues are not concerns for you, then your community must be fully covered by an up-to-date water system, but there are still other variables that can effect the quality of your utilities. One of these variables is fire flow. Water lines have to meet a pressure requirement to ensure that fire hydrants have enough water pressure and consistent flow to allow responders to effectively handle fires. The flow and pressure of a system can also correlate with the availability for expansion for more residents and businesses.

These are the issues we deal with on a regular basis, and we can walk you through solutions to each one using our services listed above. We commonly work with towns in need of a water system expansion to provide utilities for residents using wells. Our expert engineers have the knowledge to design anything from small additions to an existing system, to a completely new water utility system all together.


Contact us today to start the process.

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