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Eastern Engineering Wastewater System Design, Repair, Expansion, and Funding

Our Wastewater System Services Include: 

  • Designing Wastewater Pump Stations

  • Designing Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems

  • Designing Residential/Commercial Wastewater Pump Stations

  • Conducting Infiltration and Inflow Studies

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Construction Inspections

  • Cost Estimates

  • Regulatory Permitting

Wastewater System Issues...

Starting with septic tanks, owners have to continually maintain the system. Just like this, our sewer systems must continually be maintained, and many aren't.


For the 80% of us using a community system, our waste is taken to a treatment facility where it is treated, the water is cleaned, certain standards are met, and eventually, the treated water is let out into a nearby water system. 


What happens when the facility fails to clean the excrements correctly? Well, check the news. This happens quite often. Many treatment facilities are not up to code, and many release contaminated water into our waterways.  This effects fishing, community health, tourism, farming, and so much more that goes unseen until it is too late and your town has a major problem on its hands.  

Another common problem is that many states have connections for both sewer and stormwater drains. When there is flooding, very often there is overflow in the system carrying the sewage sludge, and this overflows into bodies of water.


With aging infrastructure, the pipes are usually too narrow to properly support today's population load along with stormwater overflow.  This leads to more leaks in the pipes, which can lead to more water and land pollution as the sludge contaminates the area of the leak. 

That is why we provide system studies and assess the best direction for your community. We can design additions for the current system, determine potential tie-ins, or design a new sewer utility all together. Contact us to ask any questions about our services (listed above) and how we can help with these situations. 

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